Once you get your boat with your dream design, please follow these guidelines to make sure it stays a beauty for a very long time:

  • Varnished boats: boats with complex designs usually need a layer of varnish as a final coating. This material doesn’t have the same properties as a regular gel coat, thus needing some extra care. Not observing the following rules will void the warranty
    • Don't apply solvents
    • Avoid contact with abrasives
    • Have extra care when handling not to bump it hard
    • Use a cover whenever possible
    • Do not tie it down too tight
    • Do not leave it in the sun for long periods of time

Please keep in mind:

  • Minor discrepancies in the desired design and small cosmetic errors do not entitle you to deductions or returns.
  • If damaged the repair can be very complex and even compromise the original look.