Paddle Sports Designs isn't a paintshop but a marketplace to enable paddling enthusiasts to customize their boats, boards, paddles, seats, etc, by accessing a range of top, specialized designers.

Paddle Sports Designs works closely with both designers and manufacturers to ensure that the designs here available comply with the requirements of the constructor to guarantee perfect results.

When you buy one design, you will receive a set of files with all the needed graphics to execute the design.

Pre-made designs

These are designs that have already been created and are ready to use when bought. They usually come in various color combinations.

Custom designs

When nothing in our catalog matches your needs you can always opt for one of our custom design packages. Just state as detailed as possible what you have in mind, along with reference material like photos or illustrations. All registered designers will receive the brief and will begin replying within 48 hours. After the designers reply with their proposals for the design, you will select one to go ahead and the designer will provide the revisions as determined by the package you chose, following your notes. In case you are not happy with any of the first proposals, you will be fully refunded.


We assure exclusivity for any custom design order through this website, working closely with the manufacturers to make sure this policy is enforced.

Boat designs

Designs for boats are meant to be applied when the boat is being constructed. Therefore, you should acquire the design before ordering the boat, and then add the graphics files to your boat order submission.

Accessories designs

These can be applied to your existing equipment. The design price doesn't include painting the part. We can provide that service through one of our partners, but you will have to add it to your shopping cart. After ordering the design we will provide instructions on how to get the part to one of our painting centers.